Family business

We started our winery in 1997, although our family has been making wine for 3 generations. Our great-grandfathers started in the “Mészhegy” with excellent soil, and then continued on the “Eged Hill”, where the nutritious soil provided the best quality wine bases.

The "famous" wine cellar 4 in the Szépasszonyvölgy Eger.

Our winery is located in the cellar 4 in Szépasszony-völgy, which is an 80-meter-long, multi-stage carved rhythm-tufa system.  In our cozy cellar, our guests have a cool place in the summer, and the warmth of the fireplace in winter.

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Opening hours:

01 March – 31 October : 08:00-20:00
01 November – 28 February : 08:00-18:00