Our icewines are made from Cabernet franc and Cabernet Savignon, which are frost-resistant grapes. Harvested in December and January at 2 a.m. in -7 degrees. It is only possible to harvest the grapes if the temperature remains around -7 degrees Celsius for at least 3-4 days after the frost.  As a result, we get a rich, pleasant taste and aroma of sweet wine, which we recommend as dessert wine.


Price: 10.000 HUF

In the list above you can find our bottled wines. We also sell wines that can be purchased in 2-liter plastic bottles. Currently, the following wines are available:

White wines:

  • Egri leányka (dry) 700 HUF / liter
  • Rizling-Zenit Cuvée (dry) 700 HUF / liter
  • Tramini (half sweet) 700 HUF / liter
  • Ottonel Muskotály (sweet) 700 HUF / liter
  • Chardonnay (dry) 700 HUF / liter

Red wines:

  • Egri Cuvée (dry) 700 HUF / liter
  • Egri Kékfrakos (dry) 700 HUF / liter
  • Merlot (dry) 700 HUF / liter
  • Medina (sweet) 700 HUF / liter
  • Cabernet Cuvée (Cabernet Sauvignon és Cabernet Franc szőlőfajtából) 1000 HUF / liter

Rosé Cuvée:

Cabernet, Merlot és Kékfrankos grapes dry and half dry roséwine 700 HUF / liter